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Kandiyohi Quickstop to become 12-person family affair

By Macklin Caruso, Lakes Area Review

Ten kids, ranging in age from the terrible twos to a 21-year-old college graduate, may seem like a full-time job in itself. But parents Brian and Kelly Jo Kallevig of Kandiyohi ­have found time – aside from filing FAFSA, home schooling and pulling strange things from the drain – to purchase and operate the local Quickstop, the only gas station in Kandiyohi.
Kelly had been working for the Quickstop since Labor Day of 2017. In her short tenure she was quick to be promoted to manager. She soon got word of the owner’s intention to close the shop. At first she didn’t think much of it, but when she mentioned it to her husband Brian he presented her with another idea. Brian, who has been self-employed most of his adult life ­– having worked as a dairy farmer for a near decade and more recently taking up a venture in landscaping and lawn care – thought if the previous owners were no longer going to own the shop, their family might as well.
Renovations are currently underway. The changes will be modest. The shop is currently in the midst of a paint job, along with the installation of a second restroom and a reduction to the size of the liquor store. The reduction in the size of the liquor store is so that the Kallevigs can install a family play room to supervise their otherwise unattended children while the family is busy with work. Though the shop is now under new ownership, customers shouldn’t expect any grandiose changes. The Kallevigs remain focused on meeting the status quo and don’t plan – with the exception possibly adding live bait – any major changes to the day-to-day operation. The business is going to be run as a family affair. With Kelly’s experience as manager, and three of their children already having worked there, the Kallevigs plan to rely on their children for staffing.
With rifts often rife among siblings, Kelly is going to make extra sure that the proper combination of kids will work with each other during shifts.
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